Welcome to Your First 400 Days!

Why 400 Days? We believe that you deserve more than 6 weeks to “rest and recover” after having a baby. Some offer the mantra of “9 months in, 9 months out” for the length of time it takes to heal after birth. However, studies continue to point to the fact that conditions such as pelvic floor heaviness (mild prolapse), postpartum depression, and thyroid changes can linger for at least a year, if not longer. It is our firm belief that the body is complex, but its needs are simple. We need movement, community, joy, and nourishment during times of stress, challenge, and transformation. Born Together created the 400 Days program in order to help you meet these basic needs, elevate your postpartum experience, and ultimately to offer you the opportunity to SHINE in your Life After Birth. 

The B.O.R.N. Together Model

To gain a deeper understanding of how to optimize this program and the unique B.O.R.N. Together model that is at the heart of the 400 Days program, check out the video below.


#1 Rule- We have many offerings in this program. You may find yourself drawn to the engaging here or there every few weeks, or may be in a space of needing coaching/support in multiple areas and wanting to connect every day. The most important piece to remember is that there are no “shoulds” allowed in this program. Follow your intuition and guidance about what your body, mind, and spirit need in this moment, this hour, this day, this week. You are a dynamic being and our goal is to help you cultivate respect for yourself in this time of early parenthood with needs that ebb and flow. 



Postpartum Texts Subscription

Get ready to wake up to messages that will uplift and uplevel your postpartum experience! Each weekday, you will receive a text first thing in the morning to start your day from a place of self care and self empowerment. To upgrade to a 400 Days Plan or cancel for any reason, send us a quick message below and we will be happy to help!

400 Days Plans: Message the Midwife

Weekly support is the heart and soul of the 400 Days community. If you haven’t already done so, watch the video above to gain a deeper understanding of how regular access to trained professionals in a supportive community has the potential to transform your life. Each weekday in our private, members only Voxer Instant Messaging Group, Born Together founder Sarah Lax offers guided text, audio, and video support, as well as Q&As for your postpartum challenges. Bring your burning questions and trouble spots to our provider led conversations Monday-Friday to get personalized education and support. Excited to get started?! Then head on over to create your Instant Messaging account on Voxer, send Sarah a message to join the 400 Days group (user name sarahlax), and start on your road to postpartum success today!


400 Days Plans: Audio Library/Toolkit

We believe in prevention. That means offering you education and guidance around the most common challenges moms face after giving birth. We highly recommend giving the audio conversations a listen and utilizing the resources offered by our specialists in the Postpartum Toolkit as a way to enhance your experience of birth recovery, as well as address potential problems before they pop up. Have questions or comments about what you are learning/hearing? Feel free to bring them to our weekly Q&A sessions in our Voxer Instant Messaging Group, as well as share about your “aha” moments there. We can all learn from each other!

400 Days Plans: Monthly Live Video Call

Join us once a month for a live group coaching session! This provider led call will explore special topics inspired by our members day to day struggles, offer you a chance to connect with us to share your progress throughout the postpartum year, and give you real time, virtual Q&A support from our postpartum specialists and guest experts. 



400 Days Plans: One-On-One Support

Looking to schedule a one-one-one session with one of our support providers? Use the form below and let us know who you would like to schedule with: Sleep Specialist, Lactation/Infant Feeding Consultant, Nutritionist, or Pelvic Floor/Core Support Trainer. If you are signed up for a private Message the Midwife package or Custom Care Plan, we will be in touch soon to get you set up with support! Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? No worries! Shoot us an email and we will help you strategize. 

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