“The way a mother is nourished… after birth can determine how successfully she gives her light to the world for her next four decades.” 

– Heng Ou

You Deserve To Be Held.

Your health (mind, body and spirit) is your greatest asset, and you need your strongest, most vital self to face the joys and challenges in parenthood.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Spend less time scrolling for information and more time connecting with your baby
  • Increase your understanding of your body’s birth recovery needs
  • Have support at your fingertips, throughout your entire postpartum year

Here’s how we do it…

Postpartum Support. Simplified.

Midnight Mamas Community

Join us weekday nights for an intimate gathering of mamas in need of group love and support. And while you’re with us, we offer you a chance to pick the brain of a postpartum specialist! So grab a cup of tea, bring your burning questions, and laugh off your daily exhaustion with us. Nightly Q&A topics include-

  • EAT: Nutrition education to rebuild and revitalize your post birth body
  • SLEEP: Set the stage for your baby and your family’s best rest
  • MOVE: Reconnect to your postpartum body and safely build your strength
  • GROOVE: Tips and tools to keep you grounded and inspired as a mother

Audio Library + Toolkit

Education is Empowerment! Our audio library brings you Born Together’s conversations with experts in the field of birth recovery and postpartum support, as well as a resource toolkit to help navigate your recovery.
Topics include:

  • Creating a postpartum plan
  • Nutrition for birth recovery and lactation
    Maximizing sleep for you and baby
  • Maintaining energy and supporting your thyroid
  • Pelvic floor and core strengthening after baby
  • Relationship changes and partner support
  • Stress reduction tips and tools
  • … and so much more!

Message the Midwife

How would it feel to know you have someone in your corner, every day of the week? Message The Midwife offers direct access to Born Together’s founder Sarah Lax to help guide you through your postpartum highs and lows. As a midwife, nutritionist, postpartum educator, and (most importantly!) a mother of 3, Sarah is highly skilled in helping mothers navigate their birth recovery and postpartum year. Having on demand, daily support allows you find a deeper connection with your body and your baby as you heal and grow. Using Voxer, a secure messaging app, you can submit text, audio, or video questions that will be answered within 24 hours each weekday in your own private one. From pelvic floor changes after birth to return to work challenges, this is YOUR space to be held and nurtured on your postpartum journey. 

Live Online Support

Our team is here for you! From the comfort of your home, our Postpartum Specialists provide virtual education and support through one-on-one sessions over Zoom. We offer you help and guidance in the areas of:

  • Newborn and Family Sleep
  • Lactation and Infant Feeding
  • Postpartum Nutrition
  • Core + Pelvic Floor Strengthening
  • Mindful Parenting Support

Join Us Today and SHINE!

Pricing & Plans

Midnight Mamas Community

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9pm PST
  •  Follow us on Instagram for daily updates

400 Days Foundations

$ 95 Monthly
  • 30 minute virtual postpartum strategy session
  • Weekday Message the Midwife one-on-one support
  • Audio library and toolkit

Custom Care Plans

  • Combine 400 Days Foundations with one-on-one virtual provider support sessions.
  • Choose from our sleep, nutrition, lactation/infant feeding, or postpartum corrective exercise specialists.

We offer gift certificate and BIPOC scholarship!

Message us for details